Helensvale’s New Cubby Houses!

Helensvale’s New Cubby Houses!

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We were so very blessed to receive a phone call from Helensvale State High a couple of week’s back asking if we would like to receive, for FREE, two Cubby Houses that the Manual Arts Students had made as part of their studies… Needless to say, after plenty of telephone conversations and lots and lots of scheduling, the same said Cubby Houses were delivered!

It was a massive effort requiring the houses to be moved onto Tilt Tray trucks first as the Crane Truck was unable to fit into the Undercover area where they had been constructed! The Crane Truck then lifted the Cubby Houses off the Tray Truck and onto it’s own body for transport down Discovery Dve. Each Cubby then had to be lifted over the perimeter fences of YD Helensvale and into their new placements; one in the Junior Kindy Yard and the other to be used in the Outside School Hours Yard.

Over the weekend the Junior Kindy Cubby has been painted. And yet again we have been so fortunate with ALL the paint required (external walls, external trims, timber deck, internal walls and internal floors) being donated by Resene Paints… And it looks sooooo good!

The second Cubby House for the Outside School Hours Care children will be painted in a similar fashion. As placement for this house requires changes to the existing yard etc it is not yet open for the children to play in… But hopefully this will happen very soon!


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