We are so blessed to have chaplains as part of our care team at Young Discoverers. CrossLife – a baptist church (our owners) made a commitment several years ago to ensure that staff, families and children had access to the support of a chaplain as needed.  The chaplains are there to chat with, they run classes such as parenting courses, they support educators with lesson prep as required, organize volunteers to help run family events and provide “Sunday School” type classes to our children. These ladies are a true asset to our service and we don’t know what we ever did without them!

We currently have two chaplains…  Lisa, who is based at Highland Reserve and Deb, working out of OSHC Upper Coomera.

Lisa has been with us for a few years now after initially starting as a volunteer with our founding chaplain, Gloria (now retired) and then later working closely with Nan (also now retired).  Lisa has a background in youth work and has a natural affinity with children. Lisa is passionate about providing support structures for people in need and also makes a mean cuppa!!

Deb is a valued member of the Chaplaincy team but doubles up as a much loved staff member at OSHC Upper Coomera!  Deb holds a Certificate III in Children’s Services.

Please introduce yourselves to our Chaplains and if you ever need a chat know that their door is always open!