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On Tuesday 21st February we celebrated Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day.

The children cooked pancakes and enjoyed sharing them with butter, jam and cream. There were plenty for the teachers too.

There are many benefits of cooking with children. As well as being fun, cooking with your child:

  • gives you the chance to introduce them to fresh, healthy foods and new foods
  • helps them learn about how different foods look and where they come from
  • helps them develop healthy eating habits, because they’re more likely to try food that they’ve helped to cook
  • helps them learn about family traditions, recipes and foods
  • prepares them for cooking for themselves or the family in later years
  • helps build their maths skills – for example, when you count out teaspoons or measure liquid together
  • helps build their vocabulary – for example, when you read a recipe together.

(Raising Children Network)

See the link below for further suggestions and ideas.

Cooking together is fun family time. Cooking together makes closer bonds and helps build lifelong memories. While cooking you can listen, share and talk with your child. Why not include your child in the family meal preparation this weekend?

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  1. Lisa

    Thanks for sharing this 🙂


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