Nurturing Children’s Spiritual Development

Have you ever wondered how to nurture your child’s spiritual development?

At school, your child’s physical, emotional, cognitive and social development are a large part of their everyday curriculum. And as parents we learn how to nurture our children in these areas from many sources such as our own parents and other parents around us, teachers, books and online sources. But where do you learn how to support and nurture your child’s spirit?

And what does that even mean? Is it taking your child to church, Sunday School or a Christian school to ensure they receive religious instruction? These things are all good and can definitely help but spiritual development is more than religious instruction, it is part of your child’s wholistic development and informs how they grow to see themselves, the world they live in and their role in it. Spiritual nurturing helps a child to grow into a deep understanding of their purpose in life and can be a great source of strength, connectedness, hope and joy which, I’m sure you would agree, are all very helpful in building a resilient and meaningful life.

The Bible tells us as parents to teach our children in God’s ways. You can read this in Deuteronomy 6:5-7.

So how can you intentionally nurture your child in their spiritual development? The next time you go outside with your child look with them at the sky, a tree, a leaf, a butterfly or bird or even a blade of grass or a tiny ant. As you marvel at these creations together wonder at who made these awesome things and who also made us. You can simply talk out loud to God with them (what we call prayer) and say thank you to God for all these cool and amazing things he has made and given us to enjoy. Helping a child see God through creation is a tangible way of helping them understand that they too are special and loved by the one who created them. There are many other creative ways to do this of course. Reading God’s words in the Bible and age appropriate stories about God are another great age appropriate way to nurture a child’s spirit and understanding. If you are looking a children’s Bible this is a great one for toddlers and pre-schoolers; Laugh and grow Bible

Young Discoverers Gold Coast
Young Discoverers Gold Coast

At Young Discoverer’s and at our CrossLIfe campus kid’s churches (at Southport, Helensvale and Upper Coomera) we teach these three basic ideas to our pre-schoolers as a foundation for spiritual formation.

  1. God made you.
  2. God loves you.
  3. Jesus and God want to be your friend.
Nurture Your Child's Development
Nurture Your Child’s Development

If you would like to know more about nurturing your own or your child’s spiritual development please ask your centre director to link you with one of the chaplains. There is now one in each of the Young Discoverers’ centres and we would love to talk with you and support to you in your parenting journey in any way possible.

Many blessings,

Simone Herring

Chaplain at Young Discoverers Helensvale and Highland Reserve


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