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esafety!!! A new online safety resource!!!

This is a wonderful government initiative to assist all of us!

With many different components contained within the site it is well suited to children, teens, parents, singles and those of us who might be older!!!

Making our “online world” safer for all!  Follow the link…



Mindfulness Training for Parent Stress – Griffith University Study

Parenting can be stressful and can be even more challenging when children experience anxiety and worries. Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental health disorders affecting children. In Australia, 7% of children and adolescent between 4 to 11 years of age experience an anxiety disorder. In children, anxiety disorders are among the earliest mental health disorders to onset, cause significant distress and impairment and predict the development of other mental health disorders and substance use problems later in life.

Mindfulness training for parents has been shown to be an effective intervention for helping parents of children experiencing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It has been shown to reduce parent’s stress, anxiety and depression and to also lead to improvements in children’s behaviour, attention, and concentration. However, there is little research evaluating mindfulness training for parents of young children with anxiety disorders.

  •  Our research trial study will explore the effects of mindfulness training for parents of young children (ages 3 to 7) who are experiencing high anxiety (e.g., social anxiety, separation anxiety, generalized anxiety, or specific phobias).
  • We are offering a FREE 8-week mindfulness training group for parents at Griffith University, Southport, Gold Coast.

The study has been approved by Griffith University Research and Ethics Committee (Ref No: 2018/ 894).

For further information or to participate please email Kids in Mind…   Email:

Kids in mind 1Kids in mind 2

talking to children

Talking to children about the bushfires…

We were moved to seek some resources to assist parents with the strategies to use when speaking to our children about the recent bushfire events overwhelming our beautiful country of late…  Here is the first one…  <3




Getting ready for “big school”…

With the New Year just a couple of days away and with many Preschoolers about to start “big school” we thought the article below might be of interest…


The raising children website has a wealth of resources for all aged children from babies right through to teens…  Check it out at


Thank You YD Helensvale!

Thank you YD Helensvale!!! Your donations were gratefully received by the Rosies staff this morning!!! And the visitors attending the drop in centre had eyes on sticks at the amount of goodies!!! LOL! <3

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Why we don’t use Photo apps…

The below article was recently published in our family statement newsletter and we thought it was worth posting again, together with some of the family feedback received…


This week I had a parent ask about the apps some child care centres have, which send photos of your child to you during the day.

At Young Discoverers we have reflected on this as a team.  We weighed up the benefits to parents of seeing a photo of their child during the day and the time it would take educators to take and upload a meaningful photo of each child in their class every day.  We consulted the Department of Education and some of our parents.  Our conclusion was that it is more important that educators spend time interacting with your children during the day.  The Department of Education commented that they visit a lot of child care centres and see the educators on phones or tablets all day because they are collecting photos for the apps.  This is not best practice.  Our Educators who have worked at other centres agree.  At Young Discoverers we take photos of the children as part of our program recording and at the end of the year at your child’s Christmas concert you will receive their portfolio of learning stories and artwork that they have done throughout the year.  Those of you who have received these in previous years will know what a rich and interesting record this is for you to keep…

“I am so happy to hear this. I would much rather the educators spending quality time with my child than sending a photo.  Sounds like a great team decision…”  RL

“I totally agree, and love the quality time that the educators spend with our kids as a result. I visited a daycare centre prior to starting at Young Discoverers. A baby was left crying in a bumbo seat for ages without anyone attending to him. After I had to ask if he was okay, someone came to get him out of it… they then put him in a baby swing and snapped a photo of him smiling! I didn’t like the thought of that at all… it doesn’t paint an accurate picture! My sister in law also worked at a popular childcare centre on the coast and complained about how much time was spent taking photos and recording events of the day for the apps they use. She said she could hardly give the kids any attention. So much as I’d love photos and updates… the children come first! They are loved and happy and that is all that matters!”  CS

“I 100% agree with not using these apps!  More time for meaningful interactions.”  TS

Tranquility Gardens Visit

Today our 2019 Preschool Class walked around the corner to visit our friends and neighbours at the Aveo Tranquility Gardens Retirement Village.

Here we entertained the gathered residents with our fabulous Christmas Carol singing and even sang to them one in sign language.  The residents were very impressed!  And the Preschoolers took great delight in gifting each of the residents a handmade Christmas decoration.  Imagine their surprise when they were in return gifted a small knitted handmade elf each.  One of the ladies had knitted an elf for every single child and educator present.  The children’s eye’s nearly popped out of their heads!  They were very excited!

We love having this very special relationship with our older friends.  And I think they love having us visit too!

Our 2020 Preschool Class has already been asked to visit!

Visit to Tranquility Gdns  Tranquility Gdn singing 4

Tranquility Gdn singing 2     Tranquility Gdn walking


Important Information regarding Childcare Subsidy Balancing

Please click on the following link to access important information that may be useful to know as Centrelink begin the reconciliation processes for the 2018 – 2019 Tax Year…

And remember, we are here to help if we can!

Make Play everyday

Make learning fun…

Simple everyday moments help your child grow.

The new Make Play Everyday campaign recognises that parents and families play a major role in their child’s ongoing learning.
Through a series of short videos, articles and tips, we show parents how existing activities can play a part in their child’s development.
Using simple ideas, relevant to all ages, we show how easy it is for parents and families to incorporate play and learning into everyday activities.
Whether that is talking about what you see on the way to the park, singing nursery rhymes, pointing out something you both see out the window, or learning new words while shopping for groceries.
See how you can make learning with your child fun.
Visit The Early Years Count to discover easy activities that make learning fun.
Make Play Everyday is an initiative of the Queensland Department of Education.

Great Online Resources



raising children networkearly years count

There are some terrific online resources out there available to both Educators and families…

The Raising Children Network and Early Years Count provide outstanding online resources to support both parents and children in the early years.

Take some time to “look around” in these sites!  They have all sorts of handy & useful information!