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Woolworths “Earn & Learn”

It was “Sticker Central” at Helensvale today after Miss Chrissy collected our “Earn & Learn Deposit Box” from Woolworths in Helensvale! Many thanks to the Vacation Care children who assisted with the “stickering” process!
Remember to bring in any stickers that are hanging about at your place!!!
#somanystickers #thereceptiondeskgotstickeredtoo #manyhands

date claimer 1

Date Claimer – Grandparent’s Week

Date Claimer!!!
Grandparents Week at Young Discoverers!!!
To celebrate Grandparents Day (Sunday 29th October) we will be holding ‘Grandparents week’ from Monday 23rd October – Friday 27th October
Grandparents are welcome to come in over the week any time between 10am and 11am to spend some time with their Grandchildren at kindy doing crafts, building towers or reading stories together… We thought it a good idea to release this date ahead of time to allow for those Grandparents who live a distance to organise & sort any possible travel arrangements



Watch the new “Hilltop Project” taking shape…

The works are continuing swiftly on the new “Hilltop Project” at Highland Reserve, Upper Coomera which will include Young Discoverer’s new OSHC (Outside School Hours Care) facility… It’s all VERY exciting… Follow the progress using this link…

Great Online Resources



raising children networkearly years count

There are some terrific online resources out there available to both Educators and families…

The Raising Children Network and Early Years Count provide outstanding online resources to support both parents and children in the early years.

Take some time to “look around” in these sites!  They have all sorts of handy & useful information!



A quick reminder about Immunisations!

A copy of  your child’s immunisation record is required at enrolment please.  This must be in the form of an official record issued by the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register or a letter from a recognised immunisation provider (e.g. a GP or immunisation nurse).  As your child progresses through with their subsequent immunisation schedules, so too their updated record will need to be provided…  Regrettably the “Personal Health Record” (the ‘red book’) from Queensland Health is no longer an acceptable proof of immunisation as it contains only handwritten updates.

A child must be fully immunised, on a catch up immunisation schedule or have a valid exemption at the time a parent makes their very first claim for Childcare Benefit.  Please provide your valid exemption from your General Practitioner if applicable.

N.B.     Not providing this information will result in exclusion from care in the event of particular infections, at the discretion of the Population Health Unit. Normal fees will apply during absence.

You can get a copy of your child’s immunisation records held on ACIR (Australian Childhood Immunisation Register):

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Chaplain News

We are so blessed to have chaplains as part of our care team at Young Discoverers. Crosslife Church made a commitment several years ago to ensure that staff, families and children had access to the support of a chaplain as needed. The chaplains are there to chat with, they run classes such as parenting courses, they support educators with lesson prep as required, organize volunteers to help run family events and provide “Sunday School” type classes to our children. These ladies are a true asset to our service and we don’t know what we ever did without them! Let me introduce you to our beautiful chaplains.

We have two chaplains, Nan, who is based at Helensvale and Lisa, based at Highland Reserve.

Nan has a passion for working with children and has worked in childcare for many years. Nan recently achieved her Bachelor of Early Childhood and has been working in the capacity of chaplain since mid 2014.  Nan brings a wealth of experience and is always willing to have a chat.

Lisa has been with us for a few years now after initially starting as a volunteer with our founding chaplain, Gloria (now retired). Lisa has a background in youth work and has a natural affinity with children. Lisa is passionate about providing support structures for people in need and also makes a mean cuppa!!

We are also so very blessed to have a third chaplain in Deb, filling in on the Chaplaincy team as required but also a much loved staff member at our OSHC centre at Highland Reserve State School.  Deb holds a Certificate III in Children’s Services.

Please introduce yourselves to our Chaplains and if you ever need a chat know that their door is always open!

Kindergarten approved program

2017 Pre-School Parents

Please ensure that you advise your Centre if you are a Health Care Card holder, or an Australian Government Pension Concession Card holder with automatic Health Care Card entitlements, as you may be eligible to receive a further discount on your Preschool fees. Discounted Preschool fees are applied at the beginning of each term and cannot be backdated.