Highland Reserve OSHC Winter Vacation Care Booking Form

Welcome to our Winter holiday program for 2024!

If you have any questions regarding our holiday schedule, don’t hesitate to ask!

What do I need do?

  • Fill in the form
  • Ensure all permissions are completed correctly.
  • New enrolments will also need to complete the full enrolment form.

What do I need to send?

  • Broad brimmed hat
  • Change of clothes in case we get wet/muddy etc.
  • Bathers, rashie, towel and a change of clothes for water play and excursions with water activities
  • Drinks to last the day
  • Lunch (unless provided with the activity), Morning tea/afternoon tea


  • Social distancing and great hygiene practices will be supported by educators
  • Sick children are to stay home and children who display any sign of illness will be sent home immediately
  • Priority for permanent bookings until May 24th, 2024; after this enrolments are open to the broader community
  • Activities that require a start time, start at 9:30am unless otherwise stated
  • All belongings must be named – Lost items are your child’s responsibility (Electronic devices are strongly discouraged except on designated tech days)
  • Bookings are finalised once confirmed by return email or other as required
  • Activity expenses will be charged extra to fees as indicated on the program AFTER the day to ensure only children attending are charged for the activity
  • AT ALL TIMES children MUST be Sunsmart…  aka shoulders, backs and tummies covered at ALL TIMES.  This means no crop tops, singlets or strappy sundresses please!
  • For all excursions covered in shoes are required to be worn (No thongs or flip flops).
  • Educators will supervise at ratios of 1:15, 1:12 or less depending on risk assessments.
  • All fees must be up to date prior to enrolling in vacation care programs
  • Cancellations or absences with less than one week’s notice will incur normal fees
  • Centrelink info: all bookings are casual, completing this form is your complying written agreement, and all bookings are 12 hour days (unless shorter day required due to exceeding allowable hours)

The centre fee does not change for a shorter day but your Centrelink benefits may.

Chat with us if you think a shorter day might benefit your situation!

For details about how we get to all our excursions visit: https://youngdiscoverers.org.au/highland-reserve-oshc-ols-excursions/