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Miss Lisa

Executive Director

Young Discoverers has been my work-home since 1996! I feel privileged to have found a workplace that is fulfilling, that allows me to support the growth of children and their families and that has supported me in my own growth. I love my job and I love that our organisation creates a positive environment for the precious children we care for as well as their families and our educators. I was employed in 1996 as a Bachelor qualified preschool teacher (which was unheard of at the time!). Our foundation Director, Kathryn, recognised how very important a child’s early educational experience is and ensured that quality education and the highest standards in care were given priority. The foundation set all those years ago is what has built our centre into the one that I am so proud to be a part of today. I look forward to continuing my journey with Young Discoverers for many more years to come!

Qualifications: B. Teach (P), Advanced Diploma Children’s Services


Miss Lynda

OSHC Co-Ordinator

I am passionate about the rights of children and believe that my life’s purpose is to advocate on their behalf.

Our leadership skills evolve alongside children’s learning as they remind us daily of the joy of discovery. Whether it be watching a spider climb a wall or seeing what happens when they jump in a muddy puddle, another learning opportunity is fully embraced!

I would like to see every child enjoy a childhood where they are supported in their choices and without fear of failure.

Qualifications: Advanced Diploma Children’s Services

Mr Rhys

Mr Rhys

After School Care Lead Educator

I’m passionate about being a leader who helps children grow to believing in their dreams and anything they put their mind to.

I pride myself in the leadership skills and actions that I’m learning, to help me be the best in my position to help children strive to be all they can be in all aspects of life and  in all learning opportunities.

I believe all children should dream big and “reach for the stars”, and not be afraid of failure, but to pick themselves up and try again!

Qualifications: Diploma Children’s Services


Miss Michelle

Lead Educator

Originally I got into childcare and early education as a means to an end.  On my second day I decided that this was an industry I wanted to be a part of.

I think there is nothing more wonderful than seeing a child grow and it is fantastic to know that I have been a part of that.

Young Discoverers has become an important part of my life.  I feel like I am at home and that is something Young Discoverers instill in all it’s centres.  This is somewhere I will stay until I retire!

Qualifications: Diploma Children’s Services

Miss Jo

Lead Educator

Qualifications: Studying Diploma Children’s Services

Mr Drew

Assistant Educator

Qualifications: Studying Diploma Children’s Services

Miss Carly

Assistant Educator

Qualifications: Diploma Children’s Services

Miss Rebecca B

Assistant Educator

Qualifications: Studying Diploma Children’s Services

Miss Deb

Assistant Educator / Chaplain

Qualifications:  Certificate III in Children’s Services