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Miss Lisa

Executive Director

Young Discoverers has been my work-home since 1996! I feel privileged to have found a workplace that is fulfilling, that allows me to support the growth of children and their families and that has supported me in my own growth. I love my job and I love that our organisation creates a positive environment for the precious children we care for as well as their families and our educators. I was employed in 1996 as a Bachelor qualified preschool teacher (which was unheard of at the time!). Our foundation Director, Kathryn, recognised how very important a child’s early educational experience is and ensured that quality education and the highest standards in care were given priority. The foundation set all those years ago is what has built our centre into the one that I am so proud to be a part of today. I look forward to continuing my journey with Young Discoverers for many more years to come!

Qualifications: B. Teach (P), Advanced Diploma Children’s Services

Sardeson, Rowena

Miss Rowena


In my position as Receptionist at Young Discoverers I am often the first point of contact for families…  What an absolute joy, blessing and privilege!  Young Discoverers prides itself on “providing the highest quality, family oriented Childcare by nurturing children in an environment of Christian love and care.”  I love that my position allows me to support not only the children but also the families and our amazing staff, and enables me to bring a sense of joy and laughter to all!

Chrissy Jones

Miss Chrissy

Director - Helensvale

I have worked in Early Education and Care for over 30 years ( 18 years at Young Discoverers!) and have seen many changes and advances during this time.  While these advances have been positive, children are the same.  They still need nurturing love and care in a stimulating environment which challenges them to reach their full potential.

Our management team are very supportive making the Young Discoverers community  a great place to be part of!  I love leading the Helensvale team and working alongside the families and educators at Young Discoverers where we aim to create an environment that is like a second family.

Qualifications:  Advanced Diploma Children’s Services

Miss Iris

Preschool Early Childhood Teacher

I enjoy working at Young Discoverers Helensvale; the Centre provides such a high level of support for both the staff and children alike!  The children, their families and the staff are always happy to create special memories together!  Young Discoverers is just like a welcoming family!

Qualifications:  Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

Miss Suzanne

Preschool Assistant Educator

Qualifications: Diploma Children’s Services

Miss Erin

Senior Kindy Room Lead Educator (Job Share)

Working with children is very rewarding, I love watching the children grow and show pride in their efforts and achievements as they accomplish new and exciting things.  Young Discoverers is like an extended family and this shows in the relationships that staff have with each other and also with the children and their families.

Qualifications: Diploma Children’s Services

Miss Beth

Senior Kindy Room Lead Educator (Job Share)

Ever since I was little I have always loved being around children and I knew from way back then that I wanted to work in childcare!  My career path since then has allowed me to work in a variety of centres but I have never felt as “at home” as I do here at Young Discoverers!

Qualifications:  Diploma Children’s Services

Miss Amy

Assistant Educator / Float

I have always wanted to become a childcare educator ever since having my children…  I knew it was the job for me!  I love working in childcare, and at Young Discoverers all the staff are so lovely and welcoming and I feel it is a very well run centre!

Qualifications: Diploma Children’s Services

Miss Annette (Miss Netty)

Inclusion Support

Qualifications:  Diploma Children’s Services

Miss Berenice

Junior Kindy Room Lead Educator (Job Share)

Being a “Foundation Staff Member” I have really enjoyed my journey watching Young Discoverers grow and expand to where it is today.  It has become a second home and an extension of my own family.  Young Discoverers has a loving, nurturing atmosphere for all… I love it!

Qualifications: Diploma Children’s Services

Miss Vicki

Junior Kindy Room Lead Educator (Job Share); Before School Care Lead Educator

I started working at Young Discoverers in 2010 and in that time have worked in all age groups.  This in turn has allowed me to grow and develop in my role as an educator.    I  just love working in the industry, being a part of children’s lives and to see them grow and their individuality shine.  I love getting to know the families and working alongside them as together we can all input into their children.

Young Discoverers have a great loyal team that are there for the children and for each other.  I would not be anywhere else!

Qualifications: Diploma Children’s Services

Miss Bronte

Junior Kindy Room Assistant Educator / Relief / Float

Qualifications:  Diploma Children’s Services

Miss Noelyn

Junior Kindy Room Assistant Educator

Qualifications:  Certificate III in Children’s Services

Miss Stevee

Toddler Room Lead Educator

I love working in the childcare industry as it is such a rewarding job.  The early years of a child’s life are so critical and to be a part of that and watch them grow and develop in their own individual way is really special.  I’m so happy to be a part of the Young Discoverers team, the relationships between staff members are great, we support one another and have built great friendships as a result.

I love the fact that our centre is very family oriented and welcoming to all, with our focus all about the children in our care and their families.

Qualifications: Diploma Children’s Services

Miss Lesley

Toddler Room Assistant Educator

I am so glad I changed my profession to the Childcare Industry, I love the fact that my work is very rewarding and being part of a child’s growth and development and watching them discover new things is the best feeling ever, not to mention the daily hugs and smiles.

Young Discoverers is a lovely centre to work at as we are like one big happy family and provide a caring, loving and happy environment.

Qualifications:  Diploma Children’s Services

Miss Jess N

Babies Room Lead Educator

I love working at Young Discoverers as it’s like one big family where you always feel welcome and loved.  I  love that our team works so well together to provide the best for our kids.

It’s so rewarding to watch the children thrive in our environment which is nurturing and fulfilling to their needs.  I feel very blessed to care for the children and make a positive difference in their lives.

Qualifications: Diploma Children’s Services

Miss Alisha

After School Care / Vacation Care Lead Educator

I have been a part of the team at Young Discoverers since December 2013 and I am extremely thankful that I have the opportunity to work in such a warm and welcoming environment!

What I love about working with children is knowing that care we provide can significantly assist them in developing and learning valuable skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

I can see myself being part of the Young Discoverers family for many more years to come and I go to work each day hoping to make a positive impact on a child’s life.


Qualifications:  Diploma Children’s Services

Miss Kylee

Assistant Educator/Float

I have been working in Childcare since I left school 20 years ago and I have been at Young Discoverers for sixteen of those years!

I love working at Young Discoverers because of the friendly, caring and nurturing environment it provides to both staff and families.  I love working with, and watching children grow, learn and develop and it is a wonderful feeling to know that I have played just a small part in this.

Qualifications: Diploma Children’s Services

Miss Nitty

Assistant Educator / Float

Qualifications: Diploma Children’s Services

Miss Tahlia

Assistant Educator

Qualifications: Certificate III in Children’s Services

Miss Jasmine

Relief Educator

Qualifications: Studying Diploma Children’s Services

Miss Nan

Centre Chaplain - Helensvale

At the heart of Young Discoverers is Christian faith and the centre is an outreach to the local community.  Children are a precious gift from God and God uses Young Discoverers to pass on His word and love to the next generation.  It is a joy and privilege to be part of the centre’s family of children, parents, staff and members of the community.

Brightest blessings!


Maternity Leave Staff

Miss Rebecca – Helensvale