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Statement of Philosophy

As a ministry of CrossLife – a Baptist Church, Young Discoverers was established to provide high quality, family oriented child care and early education that understands the needs of the individual child and family and seeks to holistically provide the best start for all facets of a healthy, productive life. We seek to provide an environment of love and care that aligns with our Christian Faith. Our practice is underpinned by the values statement “Love… always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” 1 Corinthians 13:7

We recognise that Australia is a diverse society, composed of people from a variety of ethnic and social backgrounds. To enhance our children’s sense of ‘belonging’ we support an awareness and acceptance of individual cultures and values of all members within our child care community. Our program actively encourages an inclusive approach that promotes tolerance and the pursuit of knowledge regarding different abilities, needs, backgrounds and cultures.

We enrich our children’s sense of ‘becoming’ when we incorporate our community history within our daily practice. The indigenous background of our region connects us with our heritage and allows us to understand the value of social justice as we move forward. For this reason we will actively incorporate our indigenous heritage within our centre life. This includes maintaining connections with the indigenous community in our region. (The major language group of our region is Yugambeh.)

Our team of educators deliver teaching and learning experiences that are based upon a depth of knowledge of early childhood education theories and practices. It is expected this knowledge base will remain current through ongoing teacher development through a variety of means including reading, networking and attending professional development opportunities in partnership with management. Through reflective practice our educators ensure that they remain relevant to the needs of the learning environment.

The early childhood years form the building blocks for a child’s future development. We embrace the “Early years Learning Framework (EyLF)”, “Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline (QKLG)” and “Framework for School Age Children (FSAC)”. We hold the values of ‘belonging, being and becoming’ as essential to the holistic development of children.

We recognise the value of children’s play as a crucial factor in their ‘being’. Our program is play based with the provision of intentional and thoughtful learning opportunities. We seek to provide rich opportunities for exploration and give children the time needed in these spaces to gain maximum benefit. We understand that the needs of our children are ever changing and as such our educators provide a flexible and spontaneous environment that captures the learning opportunities as they present.

We view child care as an extension of home life, and see our role as complementary to that of the parent; working together for a common goal to best meet the needs of the child. It is our desire to help children develop at their own rate with new experiences that challenge them and invite curiosity. All children have a right to feel safe in their learning environment. Our educators will work with children and community members to protect and enhance the safety of each child regardless of circumstance.

We find great joy in observing our children mature and develop, with confidence, to their full potential. Children are precious gifts and we are privileged to care for them, assisting them as they launch out into life.